The result of a study into the Paris Metro system; Metro Sans is a Grotesk typeface with personality. It bridges the gap between the stern terminals of a Swiss Neo-Grotesk, and the smooth curves of a modern day Geo-Grotesk.

Background Examine

This identity is for an employment screening company in the US. The client wanted a simple and iconic brandmark that came across corporate and trustworthy. 

Oakes is a typeface that is a progression of Orkney. It retains the same metrics and character, whilst becoming more smart and suitable for corporate application.

Portfolio Template

The brief set by Squarespace was to make a portfolio template for young creatives. My entry is inspired by local Art Gallery - The Wilson.

I had the idea of using a wheat sheaf stalk to form the symbol. This pulls it in line with the ‘Free From’ brief. A brand for gluten free produce.

The logotype is based on the ecology of the forest. The fir tree makes up the veins within the beech leaf, showing the species in the West Dean parish.

France Editorial

Following a family holiday to France, I developed a layout for my images. I wanted to create a book that would supplement the content in a tangible way.