A Day in London

A rapid exploration of the capital. I have taken a keen interest in modern architecture recently, and going to London has given me the ability to experience this.

Ilê de Nantes

There is a sense of growth in this city. Not only in terms of construction, but in its values. It doesn’t follow the typical ‘make-do-and-mend’ attitude.


The local resort; although it feels wrong to phrase it as one. To an onlooker, the quaint seaside town is not tarnished by tacky attractions and souvenir shops.

The promenade itself is lined with real estate. Apartment buildings, hotels and the odd surf shop. This is a completely different face to the old town.

During the summer months, I shot film exclusively. The following are some photos captured whilst in London, on 35mm Portra 160 film.

Parc de Bercy

Bercy is home to the National Library. A series of four buildings in a layout that resembles a crop mark. It has stemmed the construction of a footbridge.