Segafredo Coffee Brand.

My brief for this project was to create a revolutionary rebrand and packaging for a product that is falling short of its potential. In this case, I took Ground Coffee, a supposedly luxury prouduct.


For the packaging, Segafredo currently use vacuum packed blocks for their ground coffee. These are not only impractical but also an eyesore. In a very upmarket trade, I thought it was time a touch of luxury was brought to the brand. I solved this using the "pepper mill" concept. Using this, a single twist will dispense an 8 gram shot of ground coffee.


For branding, I changed the name completely. In the same way 'Bounty' became 'Plenty'; 'Segafredo' becomes 'The Coffee Assembly'. I gravtiated towards this name after hearing the saying: "Good coffee is about who you share it with." From here I continued the high-end feel with a serif type. I used Chronicle Display in black. Used in tandem with wide letter spacing and a twin stroke border, I believe I have achieved the feel I was aiming for. From here I worked on iconography. Extensive use of this should give the customer a more tactile experience when viewing the product.