Isle of Skye.

As part of a cross-curricular project; I teamed up with Editorial Photographer Alex Duffill.  I produced a print and web layout for the stunning content that Alex brought back from the Scottish Highlands.

The Design.

Through use of InDesign, I produced an editorial style similar to that of Cereal, as specified by the client. I tried to experiment subtly with both image placement and typography. I used legendary typeface - Adobe Garamond Display in conjunction with Hanken Sans. I also manipulated several image adding a fade to white for the front cover and the removal of a fence in a waterfall image.

The Photography.

I refer to Alex Duffill as a designer with a camera. His images are so carefully articulated and his editing style is reassuringly consistent. His shots from Skye are full of detail. Encapsulating highlights, shadows, reflections and unbelieveable detail; they were a pleasure to work with. I printed and bound the final product myself, using the printing facilities at the university