Smartwatch Concept.

Wearable technology has peaked recently in popularity, but all companies are taking a very similar approach to it. In this project I attempted to take a new outlook on the wearable category. 

Existing Products.

The current market leader is the Apple Watch. Although the hardware is well refined; the software is regularly criticised. Whenever the watch is used, the whole screen is occupied and the time function disappears. I think the watch needs to be simplified. The wristwatch was originally designed to be quick to display the time and other information concisely. This was my aim when creating the concept you see here.

The Re-Design.

For my take on the smartwatch, I took an existing watch with beautifully minimal product design, see here. In my concept, the date wheel is replaced by a small display to make use of the indented section. This is then controlled via the crown. I explored the idea of using this area as the majority of notifications can be displayed through a single icon giving a quick indication to a user. Moreover, this still enables the user to read from the watchface, the overall purpose of a wristwatch. I think limiting the amount of information transfered to the wrist will actually improve the user experience as it is ideal for when you don't have the time to interact with a touchscreen. I developed a selection of icons which are designed to be legible at a small size.